Why Choose Us

Sydney City Podiatry has 4 conveniently located clinics within Sydney (NSW). Our clinics provide convenient opening hours.

Our team have extensive skills and training to diagnose, treat and prevent all podiatric complaints. We are committed to ensuring that our teams’ competency standards are high. Our team are all members of the Australian Podiatric Association and undergo continuous podiatry education. Our clinics use up to date technology and methods of ensuring quality client care and diagnosis. This ranges from Video Gait Analysis equipment (Walking Analysis) to Foot Vascular/Circulation Analysis (using Doppler Investigation).

We also have a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of sports/activity related injuries. Our team are active individuals with some members being ex-professional athletes. Through our own experiences we can empathise and understand the psychology of an athletic/active person who is suffering pain and unable to train and compete at their full capacity.

Our orthotic prescription uses cutting edge 3D foot scanning with the orthotics Cad Cam designed by your individual treating podiatrist.  This ensures excellent treatment outcomes, unique and precision devices for premium performance.

We manage professional sporting clubs and athletes so understand what elite care means.