Bunion treatment in Sydney

Tired of Bunion pain? Our Sydney Clinics Can Help

When walking hurts, your life can quickly become miserable. Everything from grocery shopping to playing with your children turns into a difficult, painful task. Activities like jogging and running are entirely out of the question.

To help reclaim your pain-free life, find a podiatrist to treat your bunion pain. Our Darlinghurst, Chatswood and Hills clinics have successfully treated bunion patients for over 10 years. Call to make an appointment and get back on your feet.

What Are Bunions?

A bunion is a bony protrusion that forms at the joint which connects your big toe to your foot. The bump is caused by the bone of the big toe deviating outward. This outward extension makes your foot broader, which means you have a hard time finding a comfortable pair of shoes. Your toe no longer functions properly and makes walking painful as each step you take puts pressure on your great toe's joint in a way it was not built to function.

What Causes Bunions?

Some people have a genetic predisposition towards bunions such as a flattened arch and/or a hypermobile foot structure that can encourage bunion development. You might also develop bunions if you frequently wear shoes with a narrow toe box.  A previous history of joint trauma may also lead to bunion changes.

How do podiatrists treat bunions?

Your podiatrist will assess the joint to determine the cause of the bunion pain — is it more footwear related or is the bunion joint itself a problem. 

Your podiatrist will then recommend appropriate forefoot padding and strapping techniques for short-term relief. They will show you bunion toe splinting, which can improve your big toe's joint position and arrest further joint changes.

Depending on your situation, he or she might also prescribe custom foot orthotics using our state-of-the-art orthotic prescription methods.  These can support your arches and alter the forces that lead to bunion pain. Your podiatrist might also give you anti-inflammation advice to reduce the swelling.

Your podiatrist can recommend footwear that may make walking more comfortable. Our podiatrists are also referrers to the most highly respected orthopaedic surgeons in the country and will discuss surgical options with you if required.

How Can We Help?

Our podiatrists have the training to evaluate your unique foot structure and the technology to deliver the most appropriate management solutions available.  We will recommend the right treatment options for your bunion problem. We participate in ongoing podiatry education so we can bring you current solutions.‚Äč

Our convenient hours and locations let us treat patients' bunions in Chatswood, Darlinghurst and more. To make an appointment, call us on (02) 9884 9399, or click here http://www.sydneycitypodiatry.com.au/contact to email us.