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ORTHOTIC therapy is the science of using functional foot orthotics to treat complaints to the lower limb.

A true orthotic is a completely customised arch support, designed specifically for an individual to treat a specific problem. No two individuals will have the same orthotic. Heat moulded or off the shelf generic devices are not orthotics, but arch supports. Orthotics vary in look, design, materials, aims and costs.

The key to successful orthotic treatment is clear diagnosis followed by a thorough examination/prescription process, which must incorporate a walking/biomechanical gait examination. Following this, client understanding about how and why an orthotic will work for them is very important.


Why our orthoses are more effective

Our orthotics use the latest 3D foot scanning techniques incorporating Delcam foot scanners in all our clinics. 

Our orthoses are completely modelled/designed by YOUR OWN treating podiatrist using the latest CadCam software. No lab technician, no guesswork by an offsite lab relying on direction offsite.  This ensures optimal prescription and orthotic design.

Devices are CadCam milled from the best materials available to ensure control, comfort, accuracy and best outcomes.


At Sydney City Podiatry, orthotic prescription comes with the following guarantees:

  1. No client leaves the clinic with an orthotic that is uncomfortable. Orthotics should feel good to wear. If they do not, the prescription is incorrect. No orthotic will work if it is not worn, and an uncomfortable orthotic will not be worn.
  2. All clients are reviewed as part of their orthotic costs, until a satisfactory outcome is achieved.
  3. All clients leave our clinics with a clear understanding about the injury we are trying to treat and how the best results will be achieved.

DB orthomodel presentation