Gait analysis

Gait analysis (walking/running biomechanical analysis) is the comprehensive analysis of the foot, ankle and lower limb mechanics.

This analysis consists of the following:

  • Non weight bearing assessment of leg length, hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint, rear foot and forefoot joints
  • Muscle flexibility of the lower limb
  • Muscle strengths of the lower limb
  • Functional assessment: a reliable weight bearing measure (Foot Postural Index). Used for foot and ankle research worldwide.
  • Dynamic assessment: walking, treadmill and/or computer pressure plate analysis.

The analysis will enable us to determine the following:

  • The correct orthotic type required
  • The correct footwear for activity
  • The underlying biomechanical cause of a presenting complaint
  • Identify lower limb injuries an individual may be at risk of developing
  • The appropriate injury prevention techniques in the event that risks of injuries are determined

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